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Printable Advent calendar

December is fast approaching, so it's a good time to get your Advent calendar ready, and it's even better to make a little homemade!

As usual, it's easy: all you need is paper, scissors, glue and a printer.

Box sizes are as follows:

7.5 x 6.5 x 5 cm.

There's plenty of room for a few little treats or other little surprises to get the Christmas magic going!

In the program below, you'll find a calendar to build, as well as a label to hang on your little bags or packages.

To print the calendar/labels

➔ click on the "Download my Advent calendar/labels" button

➔ a new tab opens with the file in PDF format

➔ you can download it or print it directly

➔ IMPORTANT: select "adapt/adjust to page" in the "scaling" category so that the printout is faithful to the file.

Here's wishing you a great DIY!



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