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A morning that starts well

A positive outlook starts as soon as you wake up! It's not always easy to find the motivation to get out of bed. Here are a few tips to get your morning off to a good start... Sometimes all it takes is a few simple gestures and positive rituals to get the day off to an optimistic start.

Waking up to music

Between 5 and 8 a.m., our stress hormone, also known as the adrenal cortisol gland, kicks in. But waking up too aggressively, for example with a stressful alarm, can generate a sudden spike in cortisol, making it far too stressful to "jump out of bed"! It's better to set an alarm if you need it, with a more melodious sound, so you'll be less stressed when you wake up.

A little morning stretching

We're not talking about a huge effort... But you have to take it easy, because just like a car needs petrol to start, sometimes in winter it takes a little time to get going...

But just a few stretches to start with will do you a world of good. Personally, I take my yoga mat and do a few exercises and stretches to wake me up. Afterwards, I feel better in my body and start to get "Peps" for the day.

But you can also just do a few stretches as soon as you get out of bed, and you'll see how beneficial it is:

  • Turn your ankles 10 times in one direction, then the other. Slow, gentle circles, no sudden movements.

  • Bend slightly, legs together, hands on knees, and turn 10 times in each direction.

  • Put your hands on your hips and make little circles like a "hula-pop".

  • Put your hands on your shoulders, elbows bent, and make a few small circles in both directions.

  • Keep your eyes open and slowly turn your head in circles.

  • Then stretch your back by raising your arms to the sky and releasing them downwards.

A gentle muscular awakening!

Take time to plan your day

Just take 5 minutes for yourself and write down your goals, your intentions for the day, and organize your tasks so you can see things more clearly.

Apply a morning routine to start your day

with energy and achieve your goals!



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